Black Magic Studio: Photography by Michael Pearce

I have a variety of photo projects in the hopper, and I am always looking for various resources to make them happen. I am posting this list on my website, hoping that someone will have or know where to find some of these items. I am generally looking for these things around the St. Louis area.

Objects and Things

These are things I would want to borrow for photo shoots. They would be taken to locations or the studio, used for the shoot, and returned. I would prefer to avoid buying them.

I have a couple of projects that I am trying to prepare which involve the use of a sofa (outdoors, actually). An attractive sofa, either in a contemporary or an older style (19th century or earlier).
Interesting Chairs
I am always looking for interesting seating on which to photograph models. Unique and interesting chairs or stools. Also low tables and lamps. Nothing so crazy that it is too distracting.
I can always use any kind of costume, as long as it looks fairly authentic.
Child's Table & Chairs
A kid-sized table and chairs, suitable for a tea party.
Nice Car
A showcase automobile. Any kind of flashy or hot rod car. A vintage car in excellent visual condition.
Chess Board
An attractive but traditional looking chess board and playing pieces.
Kiddie Ride
One of those coin-operated kiddie rides, like you used to be able to find outside stores. I may need help with transportation.
Broken glass. Patterned glass. Something large or plentiful enough to pose a model with.
Full Length Mirror
A full-length mirror, one of the free-standing variety.
One or more maniquins


I am always looking for great locations to shoot. They can be indoors or outdoors, residential or commercial, new and contemporary, artsy and unique, or old and deteriorated. I obviously need to be able to secure permission to shoot there. The availability of privacy is also valuable.

Auto Repair Shop
An auto repair shop. The dirtier the better.
A bedroom that looks lived in, with some style, featuring a low, large bed (queen size or so). The more natural window light the better.
Dated Kitchen
A kitchen with dated appliances and furniture. The closer to a 50's to 70's look the better. I just don't want modern appliances. Alternatively, if the appliances are older but the furniture is more modern, I could bring in different furniture (if I can find that).
Gritty or Industrial Indoor Locations
There are a lot of things I can shoot in places like this. Warehouse spaces, plants with non-descript industrial equipment, abandoned buildings. Clean and organized or dirty and cluttered. Houses in the middle of renovation or just abandoned for many years, especially if they are open to the elements.
Brick or Cinderblock Walls
Painted or unpainted cinderblock, brick walls, especially indoors.
Stairwells of any kind, even plain concrete.
Nice Homes
A nice, large home, especially one with a showcase kitchen.
Any home, apartment or loft with an interesting look to it.
This can be older character, contemporary style, or a unique decore.
Office Environment
A modern office environment, but not cluttered work areas. Glass and steel structure is great, polished marble, etc. Nice conference room. An attractive desk and office would be okay as long as we can move all the stuff off of it temporarily.
Private Street Curb
A street curb in a private or secluded area. I need to create a set that looks like an urban street curb, but I also need to create a private, closed set. A concrete sidewalk next to asphalt pavement.
A carousel, one that can be used when it isn't running and there aren't other people around.
A Bar or Pub
A bar or a place that can be made to look like a singles bar.
Pool Hall
A pool hall.
Wall for Grafiti
A brick or cinderblock wall on which we would be allowed to paint -- grafiti and other things.
Private Swimming Pool
A pool with a patio and some privacy.
Junk Yard
A junk yard.
Stone Ruins
Stone ruins -- cut stone that has fallen down and become overgrown with vegetation. Needs some privacy.
Stone Well
A stone well, especially one with a dry, flat bottom.
An attractive outdoor garden.
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