Black Magic Studio: Photography by Michael Pearce

About Michael Pearce

I am a relatively experienced glamour photographer in the St. Louis area who is searching for meaning in life. I am at a point in my development in which I am free to follow my own path at my own pace. I am very critical of my own work, and I look with a jealous eye toward the work of others. I am always seeing techniques and visual styles that I would like to incorporate into my own repertoire.

I am also trying to push my work more into the realm of art and away from the typical glamour mill. I want to make a statement with my work. This calls for more edginess, use of symbolism, mixing fantasy with realism, and layers of deeper impressions. I want to make people think about the things that I feel every day.

Contacting Me

Cell: 314-422-1583

You can also contact me electronically, but due to my spam filters, you should use this form to contact me for the first time.

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I also have membership on a few model-oriented web sites. If you find photos of yourself posted online and you have a membership there, please let me know so I can reference your profile from within my portfolio. Model Mayhem Mayhem #51763, One Model Place Member ID# 186594, SM# 38822, and Model Coast MC# 42086.

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