Black Magic Studio: Photography by Michael Pearce


I am starting to get involved in filmmaking. So far, that has been primarily as a camera operator, but eventually I hope gain experience through the full sweep of cinematography. I hope to do some writing, as well. I am working with an experienced filmmaker, Carlos of Ruth Video. We are trying to build a stronger team, and we are always looking for new acting talent. If you have acting ambitions, please contact me.

Film Armorer & Gun Special Effects

As I start to dabble in filmmaking, one thing is clear: I am in a position to be a firearms consultant and a supplier of guns to be used as props in films. It also stands to reason that I become an expert in gun special effects.

Therefore, I am available as a consultant on film projects. When using weapons from my collection, I should be consulted prior to filming to determine or verify that the weapons used are appropriate to the story, period, etc. I am also available (at no charge) as a consulting advisor to writers (both film and fiction) regarding capabilities of weapons, terminology, military uses, etc. When using my weapons or special effects on a film, I will be on-site during filming.

Weapon Collection

I own the following (real) firearms. Given sufficient advance notice, I can also acquire any other (legal) type of firearm for use in a film. These firearms are not rented! Due to laws regarding gun possession and transfer, they must remain with me while I am consulting in the studio or on location.

Please note that the items in the collection may or may not have scopes or other aiming devices attached to them. However, these can be removed, added, or changed for the purposes of the film.

Special Effects

I plan to be able to provide a variety of special effects as they relate to firearms: blanks and simulated gunshots (on actors, automobiles, glass, etc).

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